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MacMentor News
Logo Contest

I'm becoming more and more cognisant that we need a new logo, so I'd like to see your suggestions. Your ideas will be taken by me (Jen), a professional designer reproduced and whipped into perfection, so they don't have to be anything fancy, I'll take care of that! What does the name "macmentor" say to you, what visual would be best for new people to see to get who we are and what we do?

-- Black and white only, no gradients, shading or shadows (I just want concepts)
-- Must be at least 600x600 pixels (so I have something decently sized to work off of for the high res version...)
-- Fonts: Try to use Myriad, Verdana, Helvetica or other san serif fonts... I will use the right one (Myriad) in the final.

Turn in your designs (limit two per person) to Jen via email by May 31, 2005.
Prize is $25 iTunes Music Gift Certificate

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10.3.9 in Software Update panel

The 10.3.9 Update delivers overall improved compatibility and reliability for Mac OS X v10.3 "Panther" and is recommended for all users.

Improvements include:
File sharing and directory services reliability for mixed Mac and PC networks
Mail, Safari and Stickies application reliability
Compatibility for third party applications and devices
Previous standalone security updates

For detailed information on this Update, please visit this website

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Product Reviews
Just a quick graphic?

Anyone who has Adobe Photoshop there's no such thing. Sometimes the King of Apps is way more than you need to size down a picture of your dog for quick blog or forum entry.

Thank god my pal Dave pointed me recently to ImageWell

Easy little app for cropping, resizing photos, adding watermarks, photo credits, rounding corners or other shapes - you even can enter in your FTP specifics and it will upload your pics to the server for you! (Or you can drag it out of the well to the desktop for use in email or upping online in other ways.)

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Tips for switchers

Every switcher has one, one simple workflow change or tip that changed their lives for the better... Here's mine:

If you work on a PC at work and a Mac at home (or vice versa) you will find yourself scrambling regularly for the action key for your most basic keystroke commands like save and copy/paste. On the PC it's Control, on the Mac it's Command, or the "apple" aka "clover" key.

Take a neon colored post it or round colored sticker dot from the office supply room and trim it to the size of the key in question on each machine, preferably the same color within a day you will no longer be looking for the right key you will aim for the color. This changed my life when I had o work in a PC-based design office and went home to my G4 at home.

Post it's will come off in time to replace them regularly or you can also brush on some bright nail polish or even a little acrylic paint for a more permanent solution if desired (yet one relatively easily removable with a little Goo Be Gone and a couple tissues) - after it dries you should be good for awhile.

That's my big tip for switching on a daily basis, put yours in the comments and I'll write an article later filled full of your helpful hints.

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Product Reviews
iPod Shuffle Review

I recently spent a full week with a 1GB iPod Shuffle as my only musical companion. Despite just a couple of obvious limitations, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with my tiny new friend. Here's the skinny.

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MacMentor News
Forums Updated

Updated the MM forums to phpBB 2.0.13 today, so if anyone notices any oddities, let Jen know ASAP either here or in her forum mail box.

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Switchers - You need to know...

Read this nice article about the differnences in the way windows and OSX treat folders and replacing such... You know the saying if it look like a duck and it quacks like a duck? In this case the duck sounds like a jungle cat.

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Apple's RSS feeds

One for every product nearly... add that to your reader and smoke it. I added the general one to the Newswire section.

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#28 is a doozy

The 30 Biggest secrets of Atari - #28 features dear Misters Jobs and Woz

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Google ala OSX

GoogleX click to see it as it's been moved off the labs into a circulation on the web. You can even download it and run it off your own server...

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