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Apple is cool, even Redmond knows it.

Article excerpt from the New York Times (12/16/2004): ...APPLE is well positioned for the future. When consumers open their wallets to buy things that have machine intelligence, or provide digital entertainment, or link to the Internet - that is, just about everything in a household that is not edible - they are likely to be drawn to the company with cachet, offering the best-designed, best-engineered, easiest-to-use products, priced affordably thanks to ... Mr. Jobs's new pragmatism. They'll turn to the company that best knows how to meld hardware and software, the company embodied in the ecstatically happy hipster silhouette. The company that is, in a word, cool....

Excerpt from Microsoft Geek Blogger ...So, what is the new branding? It's the likelihood you'll tell your friends, family, or readers about your new product. Apple's product quality and marketing are working to make Apple's brand love very high. Steve Jobs now gets applause just for displaying a product box.

Companies with low brand love (and, yes, I do count the company I work for on that list) will find it tougher to get adoption. Not impossible, though. Remember the Halo 2 lines? All you need to do is build the best-of-breed product and people will line up to buy....

So, how does Apple manage to turn so many heads? Because PC makers busy are turning out too much crap like this that's manages to look awful, be pretty less than impressive specwise and cost more. Yes MORE. And people diss' Apple.

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